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MSN Campaign Against Loneliness

Today, MSN is launching a Campaign Against Loneliness, to increase awareness of the issue across the UK. And we are very happy to be taking part in the campaign! (more…)

WaveLength and the Advisory Group

Advisory Group = Two women use a tablet computer

In January, the Prime Minister asked the Office for National Statistics to find a way to measure loneliness in the population. To help with this, a Technical Advisory Group was set up. The Advisory Group includes charities, researchers, and government departments who will help identify the best way to do this. Earlier this week, our CEO Tim attended an Advisory Group meeting to hear their progress and represent WaveLength.


Register for free support in a power cut

be prepared for a power cutShirley Loveday at UK Power Networks has guest authored today's blog post. Shirley works for the Customer Vulnerability team, promoting the support that is available free of charge to vulnerable people in the event of a power cut. People with a wide variety of needs can access this support, including pensioners, families with young children, and people with special needs, disabilities or health conditions. Many of WaveLength's beneficiaries live in these circumstances, and could benefit from this support. But it is only available to people who register. So if you would benefit from this support, or if you know someone who would, please read more below and sign up!   (more…)

Male Victims of Domestic Abuse

Male domestic abuse - young manWhen we talk about domestic abuse, most people think about women being the victims, and men the abusers. And in the majority of cases, this is true. However, more than 40% of domestic abuse victims are male. In fact, it is estimated that 1 in 6 men will experience domestic abuse in their lifetime. Many male victims of abuse don't know where to turn for help, so can be stuck in their abuse or end up homeless. However, there are some refuges that support and house male survivors of abuse. (more…)