Fighting loneliness with Cambridge Women’s Aid

This Thursday, Kathryn Perera (NHS Horizons) is giving the Jo Cox Memorial lecture at Murray Edwards College, Cambridge on the gender politics of loneliness. This post explores some of WaveLength’s work fighting loneliness in Cambridge.

For several years, WaveLength has helped individuals and charities, such as Cambridge Rape Crisis and Jimmy’s Cambridge to combat loneliness. Since 2013, we’ve also supported Cambridge Women’s Aid (CWA), who work with women and children affected by domestic abuse. CWA provide safe refuge accommodation and outreach support for over 550 women. Since 2013, WaveLength has given CWA over 25 devices, including televisions and tablets. The most recent gift of 10 tablets was funded through a grant from the Clothworkers’ Livery Fund.

The women and children have used their tablets to: -      Access online services and e-mail -      Complete benefit claims -      Undertake admin tasks -      Research schools and the local area -      Entertain children while mothers attend support sessions -      Relieve boredom and stress -      Complete homework on school websites -      Research arts and crafts ideas, letting people feel more in control of their own learning and projectsThe tablets have allowed women to access the Internet whenever they want. This is often in the evening when their children are asleep and libraries are closed. One woman commented how she was overwhelmed when given a tablet from WaveLength, as she previously didn’t have any financial control. “I can keep it? Wow, thank you! That’s amazing, no-one has ever given me anything before!’

While receiving a tablet doesn’t change the loss women have experienced, it does help maintain contact with friends and family, at a time when there are restricted visiting hours in place. Angie Stewart, CEO of CWA commented how the tablets:

‘contribute to lessening people’s experience of loneliness and isolation by helping people to keep in contact and have easier access online’.

About WaveLength

For 80 years, WaveLength has led the way with delivering change for lonely and isolated people. We give televisions, radios, and tablets to help relieve loneliness.

If you, or someone you know, could benefit from technology, take a look at the ‘Apply for Help’ section of our website.

We have also created a handy page of resources to help people who might be lonely. Visit our ‘Helpful Services’ for more.