Every day, 15,000 people across the UK connect to the world through a WaveLength device. They are overcoming loneliness, growing friendships, improving their mental health and building new lives. And it’s all thanks to our donors.

WaveLength does not receive any government funding or grants – we are funded entirely by public donations. These donations allow us to assist individuals who are lonely, and community organisations that bring isolated people together.

‘There are some really horrible people out there, but there are some really lovely people too. Knowing that there is someone out there, giving TVs like that to help mothers like me, meant the world.’ – Survivor of domestic abuse


A gift from you could support a lonely person, or a busy refuge or hostel, for many years.


Donate - an older homeless lady smiles as she holds her new radio


You can make a donation to WaveLength online, by phone or by post. Donations can be for specific UK regions or people living with specific conditions – just ask! Please visit our JustGiving site to give any amount online – whether that’s a one-off gift or monthly donation. Or click here to find out how to give through your bank, by cheque, or with a gift in your will.


We love hearing about our supporters’ ideas to fundraise for us, from local music festivals to running marathons. If you would like to arrange an event or take on a challenge on our behalf, please get in touch!

Donate - a survivor of domestic abuse learns to use her new WaveLength tablet

Trusts and Funds

If you are a representative of a philanthropic organisation and would like to contribute to our work, please get in touch. 


‘We continue to benefit from the support of WaveLength. What the tablets have kickstarted in terms of digital inclusion has been of such benefit to the tenants here.’ – Cairn Housing Association


Thank you all so much for helping us to make a difference!

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