What We Do

WaveLength gives media technology to lonely people living in poverty.
We believe that one of the best solutions is for people to connect with each other and spend time together.

Loneliness affects millions of people across the UK. For people who are lonely, a simple radio or television can feel like a lifeline. We help people who have become lonely through lots of different circumstances. Some of these include: the death of a loved one; illness or injury; disability; homelessness; domestic abuse; becoming a refugee or moving away from friends and family.

TV, radio can bring people together like nothing else. Even when there is no-one else around, they can be a friendly voice in an empty room and a window to the world. Every day we hear stories about how our technology is helping people overcome loneliness. We even have the research to prove it! So, if you know someone who needs our help, apply today. We want to hear from you. 

Two men and woman using tablet


WaveLength gives TVs, radios, and tablet computers to groups like hostels, refuges and community centres. Technology like this can help bring people together and make them happy. If you work for a community organisation and would like to work with us to help your clients overcome loneliness, please read our Apply for Help page.