Digital Equality Group


**Click here to read our first report, Benefit claimants and online government services.**

The Digital Equality Group will help Government, regulatory bodies, manufacturers, data providers, broadcasters, and stakeholders to make sure that all services, communications, and technologies are provided on an equal and accessible basis.

The group will be particularly concerned with those who find accessing, acquiring, and utilising digital technology difficult. The group will help:

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a) to understand the impact of existing and proposed technologies related to the:

lives of disabled people (including but not limited to visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive, neurological, learning, and specific learning disabilities), and 

those individuals impacted by situational barriers (such as homelessness and geography)

b) to identify the best way products and processes can be introduced or implemented by sharing expertise, based on the experience of representatives of the group and their constituents’ learning, and best practice.

c) to identify ways in which they can improve the experience of the digitally excluded and digitally disenfranchised, so that all technology and services are made easily accessible for everyone. 

The group will work to ensure that the movement of services online does not marginalise and/or exclude any groups, including those who may not choose, or be able to, participate in a digital future.

Steering Board

The Steering Board meets quarterly and includes the following organisations:


British Wireless for the Blind Fund

Citizens Online

Independent Age

Research Institute for Disabled Consumers

Rural Community Council Network


Stakeholders Group

A Stakeholders Group will meet annually comprising of the Steering Board and representatives from across the industry including broadcasters, manufacturers, regulators, government, and digital leaders.  

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