Small gifts, big thanks


We always love hearing from the people that we help, and seeing how our work has made a difference to their lives.

We at WaveLength work with charities and individuals across the country. The people that we help are all very different, but they all have one thing in common. They all suffer from loneliness and social isolation. By gifting them something as simple as a radio, television, or tablet we can help them to overcome their loneliness and improve their lives.

The people we help come from all walks of life and include ill and disabled people, elderly people, homeless and ex-homeless, refugees and survivors of domestic violence to name a few. Here’s how our small gifts have affected some of those people.

“Receiving a radio & TV from WaveLength has helped me deal with my mental health issues. 
I live alone & sometimes I suffer from hearing voices and having a radio & TV in my flat distracts me. Having a radio and telly from your organisation helps me a great deal.”
“Due to having a TV in our communal living room, service users are now able to socialise on a regular basis. Not only do they relax but also keep abreast of current affairs, not to mention the great excitement of the World Cup!”
“The tablets have enabled the women to maintain contact with their families & friends which has helped them immensely to sustain support networks and help them feel less isolated.”

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