How tablets fight loneliness

The tablet…

was a godsend.

I felt quite isolated, especially at night when the children were in bed. The tablet helped me escape and also to research some self help tips. Also for the children to do some studying and homework, as well as to give them some down time.

Cornwall Women’s Refuge

has been helpful in supporting family activities.

Especially during rainy days, we use it to search for ideas. An example is looking for recipes online and spending quality family time cooking and connecting as a family. It has also encouraged a healthier lifestyle as the children will try new foods and like to eat what we have cooked.

WaveLength beneficiary.

provides a way to communicate and re-connect.

They also help people keep in touch with daily with the job club and housing. Now residents can do things for themselves rather than having to come and ask staff for access to office computers.

Emergency Short Term Housing

Radios & tablets helped to combat loneliness when people are at their lowest.

The donation has provided people with a form of relief and escape. The tablets provide people with a way to communicate and re-connect with friends and family more easily. The tablets also help people keep in touch daily with the job club and housing. Great! Now residents can do things for themselves rather than having to come and ask staff for access to the office computers. Thank you WaveLength.

Town View Fields Hostel, Kendal

Endike Magical Memory Tour tablet project

The tablet supported and helped with feeling less isolated.

Dot is a middle aged lady with early signs of dementia and struggles with her mobility.  She unfortunately had to leave behind her life when fleeing her perpetrator and start a fresh beginning.  The tablet enabled her to access information on local churches that she started to attend on a regular basis, through the church she then met new friends and was often invited out to meals.  The tablet also gave her the opportunity to keep up-to-date with what was happening in her local church and community. 

This is just one of many examples of how a tablet supported this individual and helped with them feeling less isolated after moving into an area where she knew no one.  Having this local connection enabled her to form healthy relationships, to learn about what a healthy relationship looks like and to start trusting others.  It helped to improve her confidence and self-esteem that supported in preparing her to move out of refuge into independent living.

Cornwall Refuge Trust

The tablet has really helped to shift my mood.

I used the tablet to connect to social media. I talk to my mates in Syria and to my sisters in Turkey, I love it.

Traumatic stress clinic

WaveLength and Adhar

The tablet has reduced a lot of my own stress because my daughter is included and not being left out.

My daughter is at primary school and tablets are now widely used and accepted by education. My daughter is able to engage with learning materials from home and is able to do her homework using the tablet.

Tablets for Survivors of Domestic Abuse Project

Without the tablet I probably would still be suffering from severe depression.

When I first came to the Home for Good Club, I was living like a hermit. I hardly spoke to anyone. Conor gave me a tablet to use and this gave me access back to the “real world” and the opportunity to talk to and make friends.

User of the Home For Good Club run by The Passage Charity.

Pudsey Live At Home

Being able to access online help and forums shows that men are not alone.

Many men are unable to face the fact they are in an abusive relationship.  They are also afraid to tell others through fear of ridicule and non-belief.  Being able to access online help and forums shows they are not alone and there is a lot of healing when discussing the same type of problem with your peer group.

You First Men’s Refuge

Fighting loneliness: