Group Application

We support organisations who help people who are lonely and isolated, by giving free TVs, tablets, and radios for clients. This technology is often used in communal spaces or as part of specific projects. Recently we’ve helped:

WaveLength and Adhar

– Women’s Aid refuges
– Homeless hostels
– Refugees
– Age Concern Southend-on-Sea
– Single Homeless Project
– St. Mungo’s

New organisations should contact WaveLength by filling in the Group Application Form. 

Existing group beneficiaries, please see links below to our Impact Measurement Forms:

Part 1 Impact Measurement Form – To be filled in by beneficiaries before technology is given.

Part 2 Impact Measurement Form – To be filled in by beneficiaries one month after using new technology.

We like to form ongoing relationships with organisations so that we can find ways to work together in the future, and to hear the impact of the technology we donate. It’s also great to see letters and photos, and visit centres that are using our TVs, radios, and tablets. Please use the application form to tell us what feedback you will be able to give.