Random acts of kindness

Give someone that warm, fuzzy feeling this Random Acts of Kindness Day. Need some inspiration? Then carry on reading.

Over 9 million adults in the UK are often and always lonely. Small acts kindness can make the world of difference. Here’s a few suggestions from us here at WaveLength.

A man using a WaveLength tablet

1. E-mail your favourite photo of you and a friend to someone you haven’t seen in a while.

Add an invitation for a catch-up in person or over the phone in the next month.

2. Video call your family or friends.

Whether it’s quick ‘hello’ or a longer catch-up, seeing someone’s face can really brighten someone’s day.

3. If you’re feeling brave, record yourself singing part of a favourite song and share it with a friend. 

However pleasing it is on the ears, your effort and voice will no doubt bring a smile to a person’s face.

Women using WaveLength tablets

4. If you’re less brave,find a song, video, television episode, or interview and share it. 

They might bring back fond memories from your childhood, first job, time at university, work, or just shared moments with friends and family.

5. Look up.

Yes you read that correctly. As you’re walking look up, smile, and say hello. Simple acts of kindness can bring happiness to someone’s day. It’s cliched – a smile costs nothing, but can make someone’s day. And research proves that it makes us feel happier too.

6. Leave a kind, positive comment on a video, photograph, article, or social media post. 

Let the creator know the difference their content has made to your day. Rather than just clicking/loving/liking, actually say something about how their post has made you feel.

WaveLength Random Acts of Kindness Day

7. Volunteer! 

There are lots of charities which rely on volunteers to be able to continue their work. Take a look at Do-it and see what opportunities there are near you.

8. Found a new recipe and think someone will like it? 

Send it to them, saying you’re thinking of them, and even invite them around to give it a try.

9. Donate to charity. 

Of course, we’d love you to support what we do at WaveLength, as we rely on donations to continue giving out technology to our beneficiaries all over the country. Donating to charity takes only a few minutes, but genuinely transforms lives. 

10. Well, that’s up to you. 

Comment below about how you’re spreading Random Acts of Kindness today – and everyday.

About WaveLength

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