“For people who have nothing, it is literally a lifeline.”

The 700 Club in Darlington provides temporary accommodation and support services to people who are homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless, and suffering hardship and distress. Since 2015, WaveLength has given technology to support the club’s work.

A television given by WaveLength

In particular, The Lodge Project provides emergency accommodation to individuals who would otherwise be forced to either sleep rough or to sofa surf. The project gives people a comfortable room with en-suite facilities and are subsequently supported by the charity to begin re-building their life and develop independence.

By giving people a room and support, the project aims to reduce the damage of homelessness and give individuals back their identity, self-worth, morale, physical and mental health. A television plays an important part in this process; affirming a person’s dignity. Dr John Elliston, Head of Strategy and Development for the 700 Club, told us how:

Watching television is a normal activity which provides a kind of comfort blanket to people who may be frightened, isolated from family, and lost within themselves. For people who have nothing, it is literally a lifeline.

About WaveLength

WaveLength TV

If you know someone who could benefit from a tablet computer, radio, or television, then please take a look at our apply for help page, where you can find links to our application form and guidance notes.

We can’t continue our work giving technology to groups such as the 700 Club without the generosity of our supporters. Any donation, big or small, allows us to help those who reach out for help when they are at their lowest.

Please consider giving a one-off, or regular donation at the following link: www.wavelength.org.uk/donate. Thank you.