“The TV has made such a positive difference to my life.”

Clare, who lives in Kilburn, received a TV from WaveLength. Clare suffers from health problems which can often leave her bed bound. She describes the TV as a ‘friend’ to her when in her flat. The TV allowed Clare to re-connect with what’s going on and watch TV shows which feature her passion for painting. Clare writes about the impact of receiving a television from WaveLength below.

“I first heard of WaveLength through my key worker from St Giles Footsteps project when I was leaving prison. Even though I had to initially stay in a hostel, I knew I would eventually be getting my own flat and needed to furnish it. As I have disabilities which often mean I am in the flat for long periods of time, I was eligible to apply and Ali helped me fill out the application form. 

I have found the TV to be invaluable as it is a real companion to me when I am bedbound and stops me from feeling lonely. I really enjoy tuning into my favourite programmes for entertainment and learning. The TV has made such a positive difference to my life. 

I decided that other former prisoners would benefit from the charity so I wrote about it in the Hardman Directory, an information book for prisoners which is available in the library. I am an Ambassador for the Hardman Trust which gives grants to long term prisoners on release for Education, Training and Employment purposes.

I also write and paint and have won over 100 Koestler Awards for these. I have recently been made an ambassador for Project Renovate which helps provide bank accounts, mobile phones and other services for prisoners on release. 

I want to thank WaveLength for granting me a TV which has made such a wonderful contribution to my life and well-being.”