Tablet computers supporting people with early onset dementia

Through our group application process, we give technology to a range of charities who support people who are lonely for a variety of reasons. Those suffering from early onset dementia are particularly vulnerable, as they begin to lose their memories, as well as their independence. Tablet computers can help support staff to understand their patients and to help them through this worrying, and often isolating experience.

Men at Gatehouse Caring on tablets given to them by WaveLength

One of the charities we help told us one of their male patients used his tablet to plot his route to a day-care centre on Google Earth. This might sound like a simple exercise, but this allowed him to continue to visit the day-care centre independently. Not only was this important for his own confidence levels, but also for enabling him to continue meeting with other day-care visitors.

Another patient used a tablet computer from WaveLength to recount her experiences of working at The Vatican in Italy. She was able to show people where she had lived, as well as some of her favourite shops – providing a window into her past life. Within a few weeks of these conversations, the lady dramatically lost her ability to socialise.

Tablet computer from WaveLength

Had it not been for the tablet computers, she would have been unable to share her experiences. Staff now see themselves as ‘the keeper of these memories’, passing these onto people who come and visit her. Technology increased the ability to communicate effectively with a person before and after dementia sets in.

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