Mental health and Loneliness

Mental healthThis month, the Spotlight on Loneliness campaign focuses on mental health. The relationship between this and loneliness is complicated. Having poor mental health can increase one’s chance of feeling lonely, and loneliness can be damaging to mental health. This month we will see both sides of the equation, and hear from some people working to help those affected.

As social animals, humans rely on human interaction to maintain good psychological wellbeing. We all need different levels of interaction. Some people are happy in their own company, while others hate to be alone. Despite these differences, we all need some social interaction to stay healthy and happy.

For those who struggle to get out and about as a result of their mental health, something like a radio, TV or tablet can be a lifeline. It can bring the outside in. Media technology can help people connect to friends and family, meet new people or just have a friendly voice in their home every day.

Stay tuned throughout September to find out how some of our partner organisations support people with poor mental health, and how they use technology to help alleviate their loneliness.

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