Helping Wigtownshire Women’s Aid

In July, WaveLength gave Wigtownshire Women’s Aid a television and DVD player. These gifts have helped women on their road to recovery.

Hands creating a heartWigtownshire Women’s Aid 

Wigtownshire Women’s Aid is a group run by women for women, children, and young people who are affected by domestic abuse. The charity offers women a secure and welcoming environment, where they can receive intensive support in order to determine their own future. This support includes offering self-contained flats and houses. In the last year, Wigtownshire Women’s Aid have supported 45 women and 57 children in the refuge and safe houses.


Televisions are important in refuges and safe-houses. There is a no visitors policy for women’s safety. However, this can leave women feeling cut-off from their friends and family. Televisions are a form of company. They help relieve loneliness after a traumatic period in women’s lives.

One woman commented how she ‘had no friends when I came to this area and having a TV in my flat was my lifeline’.

When moving into safe accommodation, women gain control over the remote – and their independence. In their previous homes, women were often stopped from watching the television by their partners. Deciding when to watch the television, and what to watch, is a significant moment of freedom.

Another woman said how she ‘was never allowed to watch TV at home and now I can watch it whenever I want’.

WaveLength were delighted to work with Wigtownshire Women’s Aid. We look forward to continuing to help other refuges around the country.

About WaveLength

For 80 years, WaveLength has led the way with delivering change for lonely and isolated people. We give televisions, radios, and tablets to help relieve loneliness.

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