Loneliness Research

This page shares some of the latest research on loneliness, which has been published over the last few years. If you’d like us to add your research to the list, then please get in touch.

WaveLength Figures


Everyday technology fighting loneliness, WaveLength, June 2019.

Tackling Loneliness Parliamentary Briefing, August 2019. (Accompanying reading list).

Loneliness Conceptual Review, What Works Wellbeing Centre, July 2019.

Barriers to belonging: an exploration of loneliness among people from BAME backgrounds, British Red Cross & Co-Op, June 2019.

Harnessing technology to tackle loneliness, WPI Economics report for Vodafone UK, March 2019.

A brief guide to measuring loneliness for charities and social enterprises, What Works Wellbeing Centre, February 2019.


Measuring loneliness: guidance for use of the national indicators on surveys, ONS, December 2018.

Children’s and young people’s experiences of loneliness, ONS, December 2018.

The Loneliness Experiment, BBC, October 2018.

Review of reviews: tackling loneliness, What Works Wellbeing Centre, October 2018.

Connecting communities to tackle loneliness and social isolation, British Red Cross, September 2018.

All the lonely people: loneliness in later life, Age UK, September 2018.

2017 onwards

The Big Connect: A Media Cure for Modern Loneliness, WaveLength, March 2016.

Measuring your impact on loneliness in later life, Campaign to End Loneliness.

Trapped in a bubble, Co-Op & British Red Cross, December 2016.

The missing million: in search of the loneliest in our communities, Campaign to End Loneliness, June 2016.

Promising approaches to reducing loneliness and isolation in later life, Campaign to End Loneliness & Age UK, December 2015.

Alone in the crowd: loneliness and diversity, Campaign to End Loneliness, May 2014.