Women’s Aid Lanarkshire

cropped-SMALL-W-HART.pngIt can be hard to explain why women fleeing domestic violence need our services. Everybody knows they’re traumatised, scared and vulnerable. But not many people realise just how isolated and lonely these women and their children are.

In South Lanarkshire, women are rehoused in individual flats to give them independence, space and time to recover from their experiences. However, as they are still in danger and their new addresses are confidential, they can only have one, named, female visitor.

One woman has emailed us saying, “When I left and was put in the emergency overnight accommodation I didn’t expect a TV or it to be so nice. I expected a bed, and that’s about it.

Luckily, her flat had a WaveLength TV in it, making it feel “like a home from home,” she says. Women’s Aid Lanarkshire has found that favourite programmes include Coronation Street, the 7pm news and Home and Away, while for frightened children who’ve had to leave their homes and toys behind, CBeebies and CBBC give a sense of structure and normality.

Refuge staff say, “For women who are on their own for the first time after years of being told what to do or where to go, or had constant demands or name calling, the overwhelming quiet of refuge can be difficult. For these women to have a TV and the choice of what to watch can be a liberating experience.

Our CEO, Tim LeechTim says, “I’m so proud that WaveLength’s equipment is supporting these incredibly brave people as they move forward into new lives. Thank you for supporting our work.”

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