WaveLength Supporters for the Olympics and Paralympics

WaveLength welcomes the Olympic torch to Britain!

The Olympic Torch is in Britain!

Today sees the Torch progressing through Dover and Plymouth on its way to London, carried by expert runners who’ve volunteered to become part of the UK’s Olympic history. At WaveLength we’re all excited about the Olympics and the Paralympics, and the chance to unite as a society around a shared event.

As we see so many people struggle with mobility difficulties and isolation, we’re particularly glad to hear from the Paralympic Storytellers and other media figures revving up to compete. We hope that the Paralympics will encourage people from the whole spectrum of access needs and disabilities to believe that they can achieve anything. Many of our beneficiaries will be using their TVs and radios to tune in to stories of people determined not to let health or access problems get in their way.

We’re glad that Olympics and Paralympics communications sponsor BT is giving plenty of time and coverage to both contests. BT has been congratulated for its work in providing access to Games viewing through its TV, radio and internet connections. For our beneficiaries, this access to an event which the whole nation is following will provide not just comfort, but confidence and inspiration, as they see the demand within the UK to follow the stories of Paralympians.

This is supposed to be a time when the whole country joins together to celebrate and cheer on athletes. However, sadly we know that many elderly, isolated, housebound or chronically ill people feel left out of these events. We’re trying to do our bit by providing them with TVs and radios on which they can follow the Games. If you’re organising a street party, community viewing of a big event, etc to celebrate the Olympics and Paralympics, do make that extra bit of effort to include people in your street who might not be able to get out much. Participation in a community event can make all the difference in the world to someone who’s feeling lonely.