Friends Save Lives: TV and a cup of tea

Orchid Friendship Group in North Nottinghamshire brings people together through befriending and a day centre. We gave them a big smart TV, a DVD player and four Hudl tablets! Since we’ve been running more projects in partnership with other charities and organisations, WaveLength’s equipment helps a huge and diverse variety of people. Our CEO Tim likes to get out to see the effects our equipment is having, and meet our partners and beneficiaries face to face.

Orchid Friendship Group

“Recently I visited Ollerton in rural Nottinghamshire, to meet Lis and her Orchid Friendship group. The Friendship Group gives older people living in isolation the chance to make friends. They are picked up from all over the former mining villages in North Nottinghamshire. The Group comes together every week to make crafts and have a chat. With the equipment from WaveLength they can watch DVDs together, catch up on current affairs, or reminisce over old programmes.

“We’re also supplying the Orchid Friendship Group with Hudl tablets. Lis thinks these will have an enormous effect on lonely older people. They may even help people to stay in their homes, due to online shopping and emergency contact help. Plus, video messaging lets them stay in touch with family and friends living too far off to visit. The video below shows how the Group works and how much people love it. One lady even sits with her coat on for an hour before her taxi comes, just so she’s ready to go!”

“We’d really love to bring our equipment, especially the new tablet computers, to more and more groups of isolated people as well as individuals. If you’d like to help us out, take a look at our other YouTube videos, follow us on Twitter, or make a donation of any size through MyDonate. Thank you, for helping us help more.