Tim’s Blog: One Piece of Equipment, Diverse Opportunities

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Sometimes people ask us why our focus remains on providing TVs. This year we have also started providing tablet computers, but especially in our work with small organisations, we’ve appreciated more than ever the diverse uses TVs have for people at risk of isolation.

Daylight Project in Solihull received a brand-new internet-enabled digital TV from us a while ago. They run a drop-in centre for adults with learning difficulties. So far, these adults have used the TV to:

  • work together to plan a viewing programme that suits everyone
  • socialise while playing games together
  • keep fit using a Wii Fit console
  • keep brains sharp with educational quiz games
  • surf the web for information and to keep in contact with others
  • properly view presentations during training sessions (as some have sight or other reading problems)
  • sit together, relax and watch films

Daylight Project workers call the TV “the next best thing to an interactive whiteboard” both for formal training sessions and for games, because it offers a very accessible and approachable display. TVs are also inherently social – when one is in the room, it’s natural to gather round it and chat with the other people watching it.

Daylight Project says, “A big thank you for helping us to provide a meaningful experience for our members.”

“So many different uses, for just one piece of equipment! It’s when hearing stories like this that we remember that a little can go a long, long way.

“If you’d like to help WaveLength help small organisations like the Daylight Project, visit our Get Involved page to find out how you can help. And to those who already support us – thank you.”