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We support over 15,000 people every year. But WaveLength is still a small charity.

You can help us spread the word – to lonely people who might not realise they could get help from us, and to those who might become supporters themselves. Anything from retweeting us on Twitter to holding a fundraiser can help us spread the word.

Our Broadcasters raise funds and awareness for WaveLength across the country. 

Some host coffee mornings or lunches to raise funds for our work. Some let their local community associations, clubs, schools or religious groups know about the help we offer. 

We’ve had Jubilee street parties and book sales held for WaveLength, and we’ve been ‘Charity of the Year’ in workplaces or local schools.

One hundred per cent of WaveLength’s funding comes from donations. Our Broadcasters help by spreading the word!


Celebrity Broadcasters

Some wonderful people in the public eye do their best to spread the word about WaveLength and our isolated beneficiaries.

Rick Wakeman of YES and Grumpy Old Men fame, and Miss UK Kirsty-Rose Heslewood, are two of the celebrities who love speaking up about WaveLength.


“When I had selective mutism as a child, I could be in a crowded classroom but still felt lonely. People should feel most comfortable and happy in their own homes. WaveLength strives to bring that comfort and peace of mind to everyone.” – Kirsty Rose Heslewood

“Working in radio, I realise how many people rely on their radio for company. Radio presenters all over the world receive thousands of letters every day from people stating that fact. I am proud to be an ambassador for WaveLength.” – Rick Wakeman


2 Responses to “Spread the Word”

  1. Amanda Maunder

    I find myself needing to reach out through lonliness & notice immediatly the reason for you Being this Organization is slightly Conflicted, By stipulating the necissary criteria I find myself is almost impossible to meet. Needing to Be Referd ….. WoW …. Crazy, But by Someone Not Related to Me ((that knows I’m Lonely ???)) …That Isnt Worked for with,

    • WaveLength

      Hi Amanda, thanks for your message!
      Most of the people who contact us are able to find someone to refer them, even if they initially think there is no one. Sometimes it is a family friend or a neighbour. Lots of people ask a nurse, a support worker or a social services visitor to apply on their behalf. There are several reasons why people have to be referred to us, and unfortunately we can’t accept applications that come from an individual without a referrer.
      If you would like to apply for our help but you aren’t sure who to ask to be your referrer, please let us know! We will always do our best to help.

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