Spotlight on: Growing Rooms

Growing Rooms is part of St George's Crypt

When the University of York researched our work last year, they found that media technology could help recovering addicts to reduce their use of damaging substances. That is why we donate TVs and radios to organisations like Growing Rooms, a service offered by St George’s Crypt to help homeless people overcome addiction.

Here, Christine from St George’s Crypt tells us more about Growing Rooms and the difference it makes to service users.


Growing Rooms is the therapeutic recovery programme of St.George’s Crypt.

We recognise people as individuals, and that addiction is only a small part of who they are; we emphasise our belief that recovery involves much more than just “stopping drugs”. Through cognitive behaviour group therapy – and applying the principles of the 12 step recovery model – we offer a permanent solution to addiction and alcoholism.Tapestry, St George's Crypt

Addiction often goes hand in hand with homelessness, and most of our participants at Growing Rooms also live with us. We recently bought two four-bedroom houses to provide semi-independent living where peer support, fellowship and encouragement work hand-in-hand with recovery.

Our first house was a shell, and the guys worked long and hard to clean and decorate it and to make it their home. They have now moved into the first house and are doing really well.

However, independence can be a very scary thought, no matter how nice the surroundings may be.

Wavelength provided the guys with their very own TVs and radios for their rooms. Each one of them set up a direct debit and got themselves a TV licence within the hour – another positive move towards independence.

Wavelength also provided us with a smart TV for the house, which takes pride of place in the lounge.TV in the Crypt's lounge

The guys are now learning to spend more time on their own out of choice and not enforced isolation. They enjoy spending time together and watching their favourites on the smart TV, which is amazing. We invested in a new aerial for the house and also for each room, to ensure that they really could enjoy these wonderful gifts to the full.

So a huge thank you to Wavelength for your kindness. We will be getting the keys for the next house within the next few months and look forward to being able to give hope and a future to another 4 men.


All of us at WaveLength wish the best of luck to the guys in their new home, and look forward to helping provide comfort and companionship to more St George’s Crypt clients in the future. If you would like to help us in our work please donate to our #SpotlightOnLoneliness campaign today. Thank you.