Rate it! product review website

In this week’s blog post, we look at Rate it!. Rate it! is a product review website written by and for disabled people, making it easier for people to contribute their own reviews.

A screenshot of technology reviewed on RateIt!

Through years of experience and research, the Rate it! team has been aware of the importance of product reviews in supporting disabled and older people to make informed choices when researching and buying products. Rate it! invite people to review products they’ve found useful to make daily life easier or warn others about products that really don’t help at all.

Rate it! want to build a thriving community of product reviewers who can help each other to research, choose and buy the products that will work best for them.

There are three ways to submit a review to the site.

  1. You can create an online account and fill in a form.
  2. You can phone in your review on 020 7427 2460 and the Rate it! team will put it online for you. Researchers can find photos, the specification and product description as well.
  3. For people who aren’t online, Rate it! have print copies available so people can write a product review and share their knowledge.

Every review submitted during November counts as an entry into Rate it!’s regular prize draw. Head over to Rate it! to read and write reviews of a range of products – from Amazon Echoes to lawnmowers. Rate it tangerine logo consumer reviews for disabled people


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For 80 years, WaveLength has led the way with delivering change for lonely and isolated people. We give televisions, radios, and tablets to help relieve loneliness.

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