Radio Stockholder Scheme

WaveLength Radio

WaveLength’s Radio Stockholder scheme provides several radios to an organisation or group, who give them to people who are lonely and in financial hardship.

Each stockholder tells WaveLength who they have given a radio too. The stockholder also supports the beneficiary to send us feedback about the impact of the radio on their loneliness levels.

If you’re interested in becoming a radio stockholder, then please contact WaveLength on [email protected] or call 01708 621101.

Existing radio stockholders, please see links below to our Impact Measurement Forms.

Impact Measurement Form Part 1 – To be filled in by the beneficiary when a radio is issued.

Impact Measurement Form Part 2 – To be filled in by the beneficiary one month after using the radio.

Donate - an older homeless lady smiles as she holds her new radio

I have been street homeless, so moving into my own accommodation with nothing was difficult. Having a radio made me less anxious. It has really helped my mental health.

The radio has been a God send. It helps keep my head straight and works perfectly with loads of stations. Thank you for donating me a radio!

I am really happy to have something of my own to keep in my room.