How 1 TV transformed a Psychiatric ICU

WaveLength recently gave some equipment to a Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit in London. Michael Mendones tells us about how the technology has helped his patients.


Michael is the Senior Occupational Therapist in Caspian Ward, at Park Royal Centre for Mental Health. The patients in Caspian Ward are very unwell, and they may be a risk to themselves or the people around them. For this reason the ward is locked, so the patients don’t have much freedom. We gave Caspian Ward a TV, which is big enough for everyone to watch, and some radios. Michael tells us about how radio helps people with mental health problems to control their symptoms. He also shares some feedback from patients themselves.

Listen to Michael’s podcast below to hear about how TV and radio can help people with mental health problems.

We love receiving this kind of feedback from the people we work with, so if you know someone who has been helped by our work please let us know!