Our new volunteer Clare

We welcome a new volunteer on board, Clare. Clare will help us with copy-editing. Read what Clare says about herself and why she chose to volunteer for us.

‘After leaving school, I read Veterinary Medicine at Cambridge University.  But, only three years after graduating and working as a vet, I was diagnosed with and treated for a brain tumour. This left me disabled and unable to continue with veterinary work, so I retrained as a proofreader and copy-editor, so that I could work online from home. I worked for several publishing companies and charities for some years. However, as time went by, work became harder and harder to find, and I decided earlier this year to concentrate on volunteer copy-editing work for charities. So I added my name to an online list of professionals offering their services to charities as volunteers. And recently, I was contacted by WaveLength, which asked for my help. As I wasn’t familiar with the charity, I read through the website before agreeing to help. And I’m pleased to say that I was very impressed by the work of the charity, and was very happy to help them as a volunteer copy-editor, which I’ll be doing in the future’.

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