Meet our new volunteer, Abigail

When we have asked Abigail why she decided to volunteer for us she replied: ‘I’ve been looking for the right ‘voluntary’ role for a while. I’m a stay-at-home Mum of one with limited free time but I’ve been keen to do some voluntary work for a while’.

‘ When I saw WaveLenght’s call for volunteer proof readers and copy-editors, couldn’t believe my luck. It was just right for me! Proof reading and copy-editing was part of my pre-Mummy role working in marketing communications for a large not-for-profit organisation. I saw a natural fit with my skill set.

I was really pleased to learn more about WaveLength from their website. I have several relatives who are housebound and could be described as isolated from society so it made me really excited to think that I might be able to help other people in a similar situation, albeit in a small way. I’m looking forward to working with WaveLength. Here’s hoping I can help! ‘