Information: Extra Olympic Coverage with BBC Radio 5 Live

thumbnail_02A new digital radio station launches for the duration of the Olympic Games, offering full coverage & commentary of live events. Here’s how to find it.

What is BBC Radio 5 Olympics Extra?

For the 2.5 week duration of the Olympics Games, Anna Foster and Ian Payne will offer live coverage and commentary on Olympics events through this temporary, digital-only station. Coverage will be available from 9.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. each weekday, with highlights played overnight.

This Wednesday 25rd July, the temporary digital radio station BBC Radio 5 Live Olympics Extra will launch. In order to catch the launch, you can test-run your connection to the station from Monday 23rd July – a promotional loop will be playing to let you know you’ve found it.


How can I find it?

You can listen to this station using a DAB digital radio, online and on selected mobile devices.

On a digital radio, BBC Radio 5 Live Olympics Extra will be found between Radio 5 Live and Radio Sports Extra. It may not appear automatically int eh station list, but when it is found, the display will read ‘BBC R5O’ or ‘BBC R5L Olympics’. If you can’t see the station, you can press your radio’s ‘Auto Tune’ or ‘Auto Scan’ button, and it will find all new stations within a few minutes. If your radio doesn’t have an ‘Auto Tune’ or ‘Auto Scan’ button, press ‘Menu’ and rotate the ‘Tune’ button until you see ‘Auto Tune’ in the display. Then select ‘Auto Tune.’

Online, you can listen at, or via the RadioPlayer at

If you have an Apple mobile device, or an Android device which includes Flash, you will be able to access BBC Radio 5 Live Olympics Extra at

This station is not available on analogue radio, digital television, or on RIM or non-Flash Android mobile devices.


What does this affect?

For the 2.5 week duration of the Olympic Games, Radio 4 LW’s Daily Service will be removed from DAB radio to make room for BBC 5 Live Olympics Extra. Listeners can find the Daily Service on Radio 4 LW on analogue radio, digital television and online. However it is not available on Freeview


Other BBC radio Olympic coverage

From 27th July, BBC Radio 5 Live will broadcast from the Olympic Park with the following presenters. This station will cover big sporting moments, including the 100m sprint, and medal ceremonies involving Team GB. It will also carry the Opening and Closing ceremonies, which will not be covered on BBC 5 Live Olympics Extra.

The Paralympic Games run from 29th August to 9thSeptember. These events will be covered by BC Radio 5 Live, with extra commentary on Radio 5 Live Sports Extra.

The BBC has published additional information about Olympic radio coverage in a leaflet available at major retailers.