Helping Kingston Eco-op

Earlier in July, WaveLength gave Kingston Eco-op 8 tablets. They’ve been used in art and technology classes – and for much more!

About Kingston Eco-op

Kingston Eco-op are small charity project that aims to reduce social isolation for vulnerable adults in Kingston and the surrounding boroughs. Working mainly with mental health and learning disability, the charity supports the development of independent living and work skills, building confidence to engage with the community once more.

Kingston Co-Op using WaveLength given tablets

What were the tablets used for?

  • For a teaching course for tablet and internet use. The course guides the group on how to use digital technology safely and confidently for the first time in their lives. After the course, keen clients are supported to either borrow the project tablets for home use, or supported to make an individual application to WaveLength for a personal tablet.
  • To help people keep in contact with family and friends via emails or other forms of messaging.
  • An Art class in digital techniques, providing access to a digital art community when sharing their work. We hope to build on their engagement with this community, creating opportunities to find a possible career/work experience.

In the words of tablet users

One of the tablet users commented how it was exciting to be able to learn something new by going on the Internet. Another said how:

I really like the tablet and I feel more confident about what I can do with it now.

Another person enjoyed using the tablet and using apps to be able to learn to use it more.

In the words of project workers

“It has been really useful as the whole group can sit as a group and work together on the tablets – it is a lot more sociable than working alone on a computer.”

“Being given these tablets has been such a great addition to the art classes at Eco Co op. Learners have really embraced working with technology and produced some exciting work. Not only have these tablets broadened their IT skills, but being able to digitally manipulate images has enabled learners to develop brand new skills in other areas. Thank you!”

About WaveLength

For 80 years, WaveLength has led the way with delivering change for lonely and isolated people. We give televisions, radios, and tablets to help relieve loneliness.

If you, or someone you know, could benefit from technology, take a look at the ‘Apply for Help’ section of our website.

We have also created a handy page of resources to help people who might be lonely. Visit our ‘Helpful Services’ for more.