Feedback: “The difference this has made to my life is unbelievable”

We’ve recently received some very touching feedback. Two letters in particular we’d really like to share with you.

Cambridge Women’s Aid has provided a moving update on the families supported by our TVs and radios when they move from the refuge into their own accommodation, with very little to call their own.

Meanwhile, a gentleman who’s brought himself out of homelessness with the help of Together Working for Wellbeing got in touch to tell us what a difference our donors’ help has made.

Angie from Cambridge Women’s Aid says:

“Since we received your kind donation of several televisions, we have had two families resettle in our local area from the refuge who have benefited from this donation.  Family number one is a mum and three children and family number two is a mum and four children.

“Family One had been in refuge for just over eight months, and Family Two fir six and a half months.  Neither family had any possessions of their own and were very grateful to be supported by a television from WaveLength. They have both managed the transition from refuge to living in their own homes well.

“Now that Community Care Grants have gone, our families can only receive three household goods from the Local Authority when moving into their own home.  Many of our families have nothing to set up home with so rely greatly on donations to add to these three items to have any hope in moving on in their lives.  We are unable to pass on second-hand televisions so this donation is very much appreciated. Thank you for the support!

“Since then the televisions have continued to support families restarting their lives after being so unsettled due to violence and abuse. Four televisions have gone on to support four more families who were reliant on donations for their new homes. One family comprised a mother and a teenager who had been in refuge for four months. Another comprised a mother and two young children and had been in refuge for eleven months. The third comprised a mother and a young child who had been in refuge for four months, and family four comprised of a mother and two children and had been in refuge for nine months.

“The televisions were a source of great support to all of the families.  To date, the six televisions have helped six adults and thirteen children.”

These TVs are on long-term loan so that WaveLength can pass them on in the future. However, Angie told us,

“The majority of our families are destitute when they arrive at refuge and we are seeing more and more families dealing with significant debt issues.  Although we continue to support families to be independent when they have left refuge, they continue to deal with a number of pressures, which mean they are still in need of the support given by Wavelength. We have many more families who would truly benefit from this support when they leave refuge.”

We’re so incredibly proud to be part of these families’ journeys into independence. As you can see, there is still a great need for support, particularly with cuts to community care grants. Anything you can give could help us to make a difference to the lives of people suffering from isolation – just donate online or by cheque.

We also received a letter from a Together Working for Wellbeing service user:

“I would like to thank your charity for helping me in my time of great need. I suffer with Mental Health difficulties and have been homeless and bankrupt. I have received fantastic support from my Project Co-ordinator and now have a safe secure roof over my head. My biggest problem in settling in and trying to rebuild my life was feeling lonely and to make my new residence feel like home. With your help, I now have a television and radio, the difference this has made to my life is unbelievable. Knowing that people are willing to help and give me a chance to get back on my feet is also a positive start on the way back to health and happiness.”

We know that the impact of our help on beneficiaries, alongside the benefits from the actual TV and radios, includes the emotional support of knowing that people – WaveLength’s supporters and donors – care about them and think they deserve more. As we crowded around this letter in the office, we were really moved that this beneficiary decided to reach out.