Feedback: Step Up and Home for Good

One of the great things about our organisational projects is the way that they give us a glimpse into the schemes being carried out up and down the country to bring comfort and companionship to lonely people.

passage-home-for-goodWaveLength helps such diverse groups of people, it’s hard to keep track of them all. But often, other organisations send us reminders of the difference that our TVs and radios make.

Step Up, run by ASCEND in Hertfordshire, helps people with poor mental health to avoid the poverty trap. We gave them 5 TVs and 6 radios. Christine, Project Director, says:

“I’ve had the radios delivered this afternoon and I’ve already given one away.

“The person I gave it to is from Kosovo and they had to flee to this country at the time of the crisis. They have worked so hard since coming to this country, husband working, eldest son going to university but life still tends to kick them in the teeth. The husband recently lost his job due to ill health and they are now back living on benefits with very little money. She is over the moon with the radio.

“Thank you so much for coming to us with this amazing project.”

Meanwhile, homelessness charity Passage has let us know how we’ve helped their Home for Good scheme, which provides a community hub for formerly homeless people to socialise. Isolation is one of the main factors that can turn vulnerable people back to the streets, so it’s important that support doesn’t end when someone secures a flat or room of their own. Through Home for Good, we’ve got two service users TVs for their new flats, to provide comfort and companionship every day.

There are some great pics of Home for Good on our Pinterest board. If your organisation would like to work with us, get in touch here.