Feedback from our beneficiaries

wavelength-logoWe have been receiving lots of lovely feedback from our beneficiaries recently, and we wanted to share some of it with you!

We provided tablet computers to a Women’s Aid refuge to help their service users settle into their new lives. Leaving everything behind to seek a safer life for yourself and your children can be very lonely, and the women and children at the refuge use their tablets for education, entertainment and support:

The tablets have been a great help to the children , when the children first arrive in refuge a lot of families arrive with very little or sometimes no belongings, so while the school admissions are being processed we have downloaded lots of apps which consists of educational and fun ones which they love. It has helped prevent children from feeling lonely as other children are not allowed in refuge also if they have no gadgets of their own so it does not single the children out. They have prevented loneliness and isolation and we are very grateful for the items.”



We also partner with organisations to help people move from homelessness into their own accommodation. One of these organisations told us about Bob:

Bob was homeless for four or five months, living in a tent most of the time, staying in the countryside, a few miles outside of Colchester.  Bob had lost his job as a care worker about six months before.  A local charity helped find Bob a room in a rented house a couple of months ago, which was a big step forward.  Bob was however spending a lot of time on his own at the house and there is no communal living space.  Bob said: ‘When I moved in I didn’t have a TV or radio, I spent most of my time on my own, sleeping most of the time, because there was nothing else to do – I used to lie there listening to the sound of my little electric heater.  The TV’s great, I like the history channel and documentaries – things like Top Gear and wildlife things.  A few days ago the other guys from the house came to watch the TV, we sat a round chatting and having a laugh – it makes a real difference.'”



We have also been working with local councils in Scotland to house and settle refugees from the war in Syria. We provided televisions to refugee families to help them feel more at home, improve their English and keep up with news from home. One of our beneficiaries, Tahani, told us:

We came from Jordan to Scotland due to the war in Syria, we are now living in Paisley and having a television in our home to watch with the children it helped the family settle into our new home. We have been able to watch the various channels, listen to music it also let us watch the news about what was happening in Syria. This helped us still feel close to our families, when my children go to school everyday it has helped decrease my isolation and improve on my much needed English and now I can go out and this has helped my mental health.”