Help Amira’s Christmas Wish Come True

Amira's wishFor years, Amira and her family have all made the same Christmas wish: a safe new home away from the war, the bombs and the refugee camps. In 2016 that wish finally came true. This will be their first Christmas in their new home in the UK, and the first time in years that they are all wishing for different things.

Amira wishes she had more in common with the other children at school. Her mother is trying to learn English so that she can get back to work, and her father is desperate for news of his family who are still trapped in Syria. Her younger brother just wants the nightmares to stop.

Luckily, there is one small gift which can make all of their wishes come true. A simple TV would let Amira keep up with the shows her classmates watch and let her join in their games in the playground. Watching the news would help her parents learn English and help them keep up with what is happening back home. And cartoons would distract her brother from the memories of falling bombs and calm him when he wakes up in the night.

Just £10 a month is enough to buy Amira’s family a television to help them thrive in their new home.

Last year Amira’s family escaped with their lives. With your help, 2017 could be the year they start living again.

Please go to and make a one-off or monthly donation to make Amira’s wish come true this Christmas.

Thank you.