All the Lonely People: Loneliness in Later Life

At WaveLength, we are delighted to welcome Age UK’s newly-released research ‘All the Lonely People: Loneliness in Later Life’.

The report shows that there are several reasons why people feel lonely at different points in their life. Loneliness is universal regardless of age. It is important to offer personalised emotional and practical support. Combatting loneliness requires more than providing social activities, but enabling individuals to feel confident and empowered. Every situation is different, so it is crucial that we listen to individuals and offer creative solutions.

Beneficiary at Dial House using a tablet, given by WaveLength, to help find ingredients to use for recipeOur existing work with beneficiaries highlights the importance of trusted community members and professionals. They recognise and help people who are lonely and have referred people to WaveLength so they can apply for a radio, television, or smart tablet.

At WaveLength, we see that technology is vital for reducing loneliness for people from a range of backgrounds and ages. When the last visitor leaves, or when people feel uncomfortable socialising, technology can be a vital window to the world. We receive some wonderful comments from our beneficiaries about the impact technology has on their lives. One of the organisations we worked with told us how valuable a radio was for their clients:

“It [having a radio] opens up conversations to people, they feel emotionally more attached to the world, they know what’s going on more, and it certainly does help…mental well-being because they’re not in an empty, lonely house. It’s got a bit of life to it…you’ve got a bit of music and a bit of song and chat and whatever, and it sort of changes the whole concept of the house”.

We look forward to continuing our work to combat loneliness in collaboration with a range of partners around the UK.


About WaveLength

For 80 years, WaveLength has led the way with delivering change for lonely and isolated people through the use of media technology. For people who are lonely, a radio or television can feel like a lifeline.

If you, or someone you know, could benefit from technology, take a look at the ‘Apply for Help’ section of our website.

We have also created a handy page of resources to help people who might be lonely. Visit our ‘Helpful Services’ for more.


Image: Beneficiary at Dial House using a tablet, given by WaveLength, to help find ingredients to use for recipe.