Adhar Project

Tim recently made a visit to an inspirational group of people in Leicester. The Adhar Project provides support for Asian-heritage people who are struggling with poor mental health or have learning difficulties, and their families. “Adhar” means “support” in the Sanskrit language.


The Adhar project is a great example of an organisation stepping up to do what’s needed for the most vulnerable people in their communities. It’s been going since 1989 and their lovely service co-ordinators and volunteers work closely with social workers to deliver emotional support, family intervention, education, day trips and keep fit classes in Asian languages.

When WaveLength staff paid them a visit, we were thrilled to see the women’s group enjoying the smart TV we provided. The TV’s digital capability was really important to them, letting them access local news in their own languages, Asian films and YouTube beauty tutorials, which they wouldn’t have with traditional TVs.

TV gives the group a focal point – for instance, during a knitting class. This cute little knitted hat got passed around many ladies!

We love supporting people who are part of projects like these. The valuable human contact they get from centres like Adhar are irreplaceable. But for each hour spent surrounded by these smiling faces, there are many more where each lady with mental health problems or learning difficulties is stuck inside the house, often either living alone or with an unsupportive family. The equipment we give to individuals brightens their lives during these long lonely hours.