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Solihull Life Opportunities

This year we provided a Smart TV to Solihull Life Opportunities, a Solihull-based charity which provides social and leisure activities to children, young people and adults with learning disabilities. In October Tim went to visit SoLO to see how their new equipment was making a difference. On the day that he visited the young service users were enjoying an Italian Day: they cooked pasta for lunch, made flags and tested their knowledge of Italian geography and culture with a quiz. The new equipment was used throughout, from looking up how-to cookery videos to listening to Italian music and showing the answers to the quiz.


How 1 TV transformed a Psychiatric ICU

WaveLength recently donated some new equipment to a Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit in London. Here the unit’s Senior Occupational Therapist Michael Mendones tells us about how their new technology has impacted the lives of his patients. We love receiving this kind of feedback from the individuals and organisations that we work with, and hearing how our equipment has changed lives.


Radio Academy Podcast

The first WaveLength Radio Academy podcast is now available to listen to at The fifteen minute podcast is a great introduction to WaveLength’s work and priorities, with Radio Academy’s Paul Robinson interviewing our CEO Tim Leech. Joining them are Michael Ferguson, a representative of Passage, the London homelessness charity; and Ken, a floating mental health support worker working with the homeless in Westminster, who has referred many homeless people to us for the radios that help them keep in touch with the outside world.

Keeping in touch with the outside world has been a priority for WaveLength’s beneficiaries since our foundation in 1939. We’re branching further into new technology, with an exciting scheme in partnership with The Passage’s Home for Good social club coming up soon  (watch this space!)

But the podcast reminds us of the everyday comfort and cheer that radios bring, and the feeling of agency coming from something as small as turning a dial to your favourite show.

Have a listen to the WaveLength podcast, and hear how after 75 years, radios are still bringing untold comfort to lonely and isolated people across the country.

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