Our Athens Marathon Hero

Amy Trakos Olympic flameSix months ago we received an email from Amy Trakos, who found our website online and was inspired to get in touch. Amy was planning to run the Athens Marathon in November and asked if she could do so on our behalf. Of course there is only really one answer to that question, so in November – after smashing her fundraising target – Amy put on her running shoes and headed to Greece.

Here is her story in her own words:


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A toast to you this Christmas


Christmas TreeIt’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! The WaveLength tree is up and the big day is nearly upon us. And with all of the festive cheer going around, we wanted to share a little of our own.

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Help Amira’s Christmas Wish Come True

Amira's wishFor years, Amira and her family have all made the same Christmas wish: a safe new home away from the war, the bombs and the refugee camps. In 2016 that wish finally came true. This will be their first Christmas in their new home in the UK, and the first time in years that they are all wishing for different things.

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Refugees, Resettlement and Radio

Syrian refugees familyAs the wars continue in the Middle East millions of people have been forced to flee their homes, risking and too often losing their lives as they seek refuge in the West. In the face of so much unrest, we are proud to have been able to offer help to an increasing number of refugees settling in the UK through the Syrian Vulnerable Person Resettlement Programme. The VPR Programme is a Government scheme to resettle in the UK some of the most vulnerable refugees who have made their way to camps in Lebanon, Turkey and Pakistan.

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Solihull Life Opportunities

We provided a Smart TV to Solihull Life Opportunities, or SoLO. SoLo is a charity in Solihull that provides social and leisure activities to people of all ages who have learning disabilities. Our CEO Tim went to visit SoLO to see how their new Smart TV was making a difference.

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WaveLength and CLIC Sargent

CLIC Sargent logoReceiving treatment for cancer can be a very lonely experience – particularly for those who receive treatment in cities far from home or need to be in hospital for a long time. For young people, being away from friends and family like this can be especially isolating. That’s why we are proud to announce that this November we will begin working with CLIC Sargent to help alleviate loneliness and social isolation among young people with cancer.
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6 key signs that loneliness is looming

Loneliness is looming

Loneliness is a hard thing to talk about. We all experience break ups, bereavement, illnesses and changes in work or hometown during our lives, and these things can sometimes leave us feeling alone or isolated. And while no one wants to think of themselves as being lonely, it can be hard to bounce back from without the realisation that something is wrong.

If you think that you or a friend are suffering from loneliness, look out for these 6 key signs. If they sound familiar, it might be time to try and tackle the loneliness head-on.


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Health Impacts of Loneliness

QZ2B7289For some, being alone is a luxury. Taking the time to recharge, focus on personal projects or catch up with a favourite TV show can be a welcome break from a tiring job or busy personal life. But for many being alone all day every day is a fact of life.

According to the Campaign to End Loneliness, over a million older people in the UK are chronically lonely. But this problem doesn’t just impact the elderly – 53% of 18-34 year olds also struggle with loneliness. Human beings are social creatures, and recent research has shown that feeling alone is not just upsetting – it’s actually bad for our health.

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Miss Universe GB Finals

Our CEO Tim and our ambassador Kirsty Heslewood unveiling one of the new TVs in Ward 41 of Leicester's Royal Infirmary.As you might already know, we are fortunate to have Kirsty Heslewood as our celebrity ambassador here at WaveLength. Kirsty was Miss England and Miss UK in 2013 and 2014, and at the moment she is busy preparing for the finals of Miss Universe GB, which is taking place next weekend in Cardiff.

Kirsty is deeply committed to helping overcome loneliness and social isolation. She has met many people across the country who have received technology from WaveLength, and has heard directly from them the many ways in which technology can improve the lives of people who are isolated from their communities. Continue reading…

WaveLength’s Research Findings

Big Connect posterThis March we launched the findings of a major new piece of research conducted in association with the University of York. We wanted to explore the social, economic and health impacts that our work has had on our beneficiaries.

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Small gifts, big thanks

We always love hearing from the people that we help, and seeing how our work has made a difference to their lives. We wanted to share with you some of the letters of thanks that we have received!

We at WaveLength work with charities and individuals across the country. The people that we help are all very different, but they all have one thing in common. They all suffer from loneliness and social isolation. By gifting them something as simple as a radio or television we can help them to overcome their loneliness and improve their lives.

The people we help come from all walks of life and include ill and disabled people, elderly people, homeless and ex-homeless, refugees and survivors of domestic violence to name a few. Here’s how our small gift has affected some of those people.


WaveLength and Rotary Club work together to fight loneliness

This week we are announcing the addition of a new member to our Board of Trustees: Mr Barry Theobald-Hicks.

Tim with trustee Barry Theobald-Hicks, who is President of the Rotary Club of St PancrasAs well as being our latest trustee Barry is President of the Rotary Club of St Pancras, which shares our values of reducing loneliness by facilitating friendships and community. The Rotary Club hosts a weekly lunch in Central London where members can meet, get to know each other and make new friends in the city.

With regards to the announcement, Tim said “We are delighted that Barry is joining WaveLength as one of our Trustees. It’s great to have him on board, and fantastic that he is getting involved by visiting the projects we work with to get a flavour of the needs that are out there and the positive impacts of our work.”

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Tim’s visit to Leicester

Last Friday Tim visited Leicester with our Ambassador Kirsty Rose. They went to meet some community members at the Adhar Project, who we recently gave 10 tablet computers and 2 smart TVs, and to unveil 16 brand new 32″ TVs at Leicester Royal Infirmary. Here’s how they got on!

The Big Connect: how media alleviates loneliness


Media technology can help people who are isolated connect to the outside world in ways that can be life-changing. A change in environment, the breakdown of a relationship, poverty or mental health problems can all lead to social isolation or loneliness that can be difficult to resolve, or sometimes even to talk about. New research shows that providing people with radios, televisions or tablet computers can help them to re-engage with the world and overcome their loneliness.

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Ambassador Welcome at Trustee Reception

Recently, the WaveLength board and staff were extremely happy to be able to welcome one of our celebrity ambassadors, Miss UK Kirsty-Rose Heslewood, at a trustee reception.Chairman Steven meets Kirsty Heslewood

Trustee Tony Judd was able to book the Flyfishers Club in central London to greet Kirsty and let her find out more about our work. The event was also a great time to give our trustees a run-down on our research project with the University of York, finding out more about the needs of WaveLength’s current and future beneficiaries.


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