Welcome to WaveLength

WaveLength gives TVs and radios to lonely and isolated people living in poverty.

The people we help are lonely for a variety of reasons. Some live with chronic illness or disability, and find it hard to leave their homes. Some are elderly and living alone. Many are coming out of difficult situations like homelessness or domestic abuse, and as a result find it hard to build new friendships.

Our beneficiaries tell us their TVs and radios are ‘lifelines’. They connect them to the outside world, comforting them through long days and lonely nights. Every piece of equipment we provide is brand new, and comes from a quality brand like Roberts, LG or Samsung. The manufacturers we work with take care of installation and delivery, as well as a long-term warranty. We can provide a range of televisions, radios, tablet computers and CD players. We can also provide equipment that is accessible for disabled people.

Staring at a blank wall does nobody any good. We open up a window on the world.


WaveLength’s Big Connect Research

Earlier this year we commissioned researchers from the University of York to explore the social, economic and health impacts of our work. They interviewed our beneficiaries across the country, and found that media technology alleviates loneliness, reduces social isolation and helps people to improve their lives by finding new opportunities. To learn more about our research findings, click here.